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We supply granite for memorials, monuments and plaques. 


We can assist you in creating a memorial that celebrates and commemorates the 

life of your loved one in a special and timeless way.

Please place an order using email!

We will ask the following details about your order:


- Size, style, and colour of headstone -

Pillow (lay-down), Stand up, or other.

Not sure? We can suggest many great ideas.

Please ensure the selected size complies with any cemetery regulations!

Ask us for a price and style list



- Have the following information ready -


-Date of Birth/Date of Death

-Epitaph (optional)
-An idea of images, general layout, font styles, etc

-Preferred completion date for headstone




When we have all the necessary information,  a digital layout* will be emailed back

to you for review.  Please allow up to one week for this process.


After receiving the layout, please review all details and ensure spelling and dates are

correct. At this point you can request any changes or modifications to the design.


We require a final approval to proceed with fabrication. After approval, you cannot make any

further changes to the layout.


Please allow 4-6 weeks for completion of the memorial after design approval.


You can use the following order form, or simply call or email us to place an order.






Headstone Order Form.pdf



*Our layouts are to scale and an exact replica of what will be created (any custom colours other than black, white or

silver may vary slightly from the digital version).




© 2019 Sidrock

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