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Photo Plaques

We are pleased to offer memorial photo plaques. They are available in either Italian porcelain or enamelled steel. Various sizes are available, but in most cases we will help select the best size that is proportionate to both the memorial and layout. These plaques are UV resistant and have a lifetime guarantee against damage, defects, and theft.


For more detailed information about these plaques, please visit:


Guidelines for submitting a photo:



Photos must be at least 1MB in size. Please do not edit, crop, or add/adjust any effects to the photo prior to sending. Send directly to our email without resizing.

If you are scanning before emailing, please ensure your scanner's settings are at least at 600dpi.



If you'd prefer to submit a hard copy at our office, it must be an original photo. Please do not make any prints at a copy/print centre. We will usually not accept printed enlargements because the final result is often quite poor. If your original photo is very small, please consult us first.

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